Nine years ago when I was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced cancer, my days were dark and gloomy. My car needed changing and I’d say to my husband that there was no point in buying a new car because I wouldn’t be around to enjoy it. He’d tell me to get down to the car showroom and change the bloody car.

I changed the car.

When he suggested booking a cruise I’d say there was no point because I wouldn’t be here to enjoy it. He’d tell me that he’d already booked one for us for the following year, and if I didn’t want to go then he’d go on his own.

I went on the cruise and enjoyed it.

Every time I finish a novel I tend to wonder whether it’s worth trawling it around the agents. I say to my husband that in reality there really isn’t any point, because it’s a foregone conclusion that they’ll say no. He says keep trying and one day one of them will say yes.

I have just finished my fifth novel, a humorous work of fiction.  Last Friday on my day off work I sat down, took up my Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, and sent emails to all the UK agents that could possibly have an interest in my novel.  There were many, and it took me all day.  By the end of Friday I was pleasantly surprised to find that 4 agents wanted to read more chapters, and another agent emailed back to say my book was very funny, and it was a shame they were not taking on any more works of fiction at the moment.

Now comes the weeks of waiting while said agents get around to reading the chapters, but who knows?  Perhaps I might be pleasantly surprised when they do………..