Look up from your phone occasionally, to remember what joy there may be in the real world around you.  As far as possible (after surgical removal of phone from ear helix), enjoy face-to-face conversations with loved ones without detailing every aspect on social media.  Listen to what actual people have to say, and speak your truth quietly and soberly in the event that they may be of a different generation to yourself.

Do not strive to be a ‘celebrity’ through envy of loud and aggressive persons on Youtube.  These non-entities are dull and ignorant, and are vexations to the spirit.   Instead, enjoy the achievement of building up a career, however humble, which can sustain you through the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution online, for almost every person in the world wants YOUR money.  However, there may be some people left who are actually satisfied with what they have, and are resigned to the fact that there will always be somebody better off than they are.

Find somebody to love, who loves you, and who does not feign affection.  If at all possible raise children to love their parents and to love the beautiful world around them.  It can be done.

When you are too old to wear the clothes that you wore when you were a teenager, realise that fact and dress with dignity and poise.  However, do not distress yourself with imaginings that life ends at the age of 30, however much it may say so in tawdry magazines. The world does not solely revolve around the young; you may learn great things from listening to the life experiences of the middle aged and elderly.

Life is not a bed of roses. Nurture a sense of self-reliance so that you are able to make your own decisions if you are faced with a sudden misfortune.  Do not blame somebody else for your own failings, but learn from your mistakes and go forward to greater things.

Above all else, take off the headphones and turn off the iPod. Activate the off switch on the iPad, the laptop, the MP3 player, the TV and radio, the DS, the wi, and the wi-fi.  Enjoy the peace that silence brings, and in that lack of noise and confusion you may find your God.  Be cheerful.  Strive to be happy.