Seven Lovely Things Blog Tour


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Seven Lovely Things Blog Tour

I was tagged by the multi-genre Indie author Sarah Michelle Lynch, whose blog you can find by clicking

Sarah has been very supportive of my work, taking time out of her busy schedule to read and review The Porn Detective:

And A House Without Windows:

She has kindly also agreed to read and review For the Sake of a Child:

Sarah asked me to participate in the Seven Lovely Things Blog Tour!

The rules are simple; to share 7 Lovely Facts about yourself, nominate 15 blogs (or as many as possible) that you enjoy reading, and nominate those same 15 blogs to do the same, linking back to my post.

So now you get to learn seven lovely things about me, Stevie turner:

seven lovely things


1.  I am clairsentient. I don’t know how I ‘know’ things are going to happen; I just do.  I knew the day when my grandson would be born (almost to the hour), I knew my daughter in law would have a boy even before she announced she was pregnant.  I also know that one day I’ll be able to give up my job and write to my heart’s content; weird isn’t it?  However, if only I knew where the money tree was…………

2.  I’m fascinated by all things medical, and especially the effect that different foods have upon the body.  I’ve learned so much about the body by being a medical secretary for the last 8 years.   The trick is to move around different departments and learn even more, but that brings me to number three…..

3.  I love it when things do not change, but have come to accept that change is part of life.

4.  I am rather pleased and proud to say that I have never been drunk in my entire life, nor will ever be.

5.  I’m a realist; I was brought up that way.  I don’t deal in fantasy – I tell it like it is.

6.  As I’ve grown older I’ve come to know the peace and joy that silence brings.  To write uninterrupted without any background noise is one of life’s simple pleasures for me.

7.  I’ve been told throughout my entire life that my hair is ‘lovely’.  It is terribly curly and there is a lot of it.  Various hairdressers have told me that they have never seen hair like it.  One hairdresser was even reduced to tears many years ago when trying to put it up in a topknot for a wedding!  However, all I’ve ever wanted is straight blonde hair, but I have the exact opposite……….


And for my nominations – hope some of you guys can take part!!

Andrew Boyd (Mr Controversy):

Nonnie Jules:

Talia M Pierone:

Wendy Steele:

Mark Davies:

The Owl Lady:

The opening Sentence:

Yvonne Hertzberger:

Jacqueline Coote:

Sandra Farris:

Lucy V Hay:

Carole McKee:

Julie Shackman:



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