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Continuous Drips

Different colors of ink collide in this short story anthology Continuous Drips (word count 28,990):

Take a trip into darkness with Da’Kharta Rising with “Unrest”, “Omitted” and “The Kutters”.

Love, loss, and erotic heat hypnotically swirl in the mind of Synful Desire when reading “Derailed Endurance”, “Final Prep to Happiness” and “FAN-tasy Island”.

Episodes of human interaction displacement are given in doses when Queen of Spades presents “Misfortune”, “Afro Shock”, and “Útil.”

Publication date is November 12th 2014.  Pre-order is available by clicking on the link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OTQVO9C

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Da’Kharta Rising

Synful Desire

Queen of Spades