Many self-published authors ask me to read and review their books, and I’m very happy to do so, just as long as the books fit with a genre I enjoy reading.  I’ve discovered some really good books in this way, but by contrast I’ve also read some that are not quite so good.

I thought I’d list all the things that I look for when I read a new book, and also on the flip side, which things put me off from wanting to read any further:


1. Good use of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

2.  Witty, sizzling dialogue.

3.  Interesting descriptions of places.

4.  An original plot that is true to life, easy to follow and moves along quickly.

5.  Books that aren’t too long.  I prefer a few words instead of hundreds, if those few words can get the same message across.

6.  Suspense novels, psychological thrillers, and Chick-Lit that keep me turning the pages.


By contrast, here (in my humble opinion) are the things that put me off:


1.  Badly edited books containing bad grammar/spelling.

2.  Too many adjectives in one sentence.

3.  Explicit erotica.  In my opinion, less is more…….

4.  Long-winded plots that take ages to develop.

5.  Fantasy books containing peculiar names of even more peculiar characters.


Well, those are my preferences, and we all have differences of opinion on what makes a good book. What are yours?