I’m sure you must all remember those heady days long ago when you first fell in love? Off you’d waltz on cloud nine to the card shop and buy the biggest card you could find.  You’d then proceed to smother it in kisses, which would take most of the day to accomplish, and then breathless with excitement, you’d present it on Christmas Day to the most wonderful person in the whole world who had managed to melt your heart to the consistency of soggy candle wax.

As the years flew by and the children came along, the cards you would buy were usually slightly smaller as the demands of a growing family began to intervene.  You had less disposable income for a start, and you had to do your Christmas shopping in a rush whenever you could find a babysitter. You’d grab a sizeable card (but not too big otherwise it would look silly) at the last minute before they were all taken down and the Easter cards were put in their place, but you’d still find time to write some meaningful words to make your significant other smile.

Then would come the cards from family and friends.  You could tell if you were in favour or not by the wording and the size of them.  All those ‘best wishes from’ and ‘from’ caused less of a reaction than the ‘much love from xxxxx’ or ‘love from’.  The smaller the card and dearth of flowery prose let you know just exactly where you stood.

Today I noticed a hand-delivered card that had been put through our letterbox the night before.  When I opened it I could tell that this was the smallest Christmas card I had ever received.  I even measured it; its dimensions are 9.5cm x 7cm. It was one of those ‘best wishes from’ cards.  It hadn’t been there when we’d gone to bed around 11pm, so our neighbours must have waited until they’d seen no lights on in our house before sneaking around and sliding it through the letterbox.

I must admit we’re not the closest of neighbours.  We talk over the fence if we’re all out in the garden, but that’s as far as it goes.  However, I had sent a card to them that was at least four times the size of theirs.  The impudence of it!! This occurrence causes me to ask the question – does anyone know where I can buy a Christmas card the size of a postage stamp for next year?

Still – at least it’s not as bad as the Christmas card my mother-in-law received a few years back from my father-in-law after about fifty plus years of marriage.  She was in rude health and the card sported that well-rehearsed adage ‘Get Well Soon’.

Merry Christmas, and don’t forget……it’s the size that counts!