So many people have wished me a Happy New Year that I can’t help but look on the positive side for 2015.  As I write this today I feel almost recovered from the surgery I had a month ago, and from the flu bug I picked up just before New Year’s Eve.  I still seem to be ‘on a roll’ with book selling as well; so far this month I have sold 9 books, which is already 2 more than I sold for the whole of January 2014.

I must admit I’m not looking forward to having to go back to work.  I’ve enjoyed the chance to write, network, and promote my books over this last month, and it’ll be with quite a lot of regret when I have to turn off my computer and go back to the real world and earn the living I can’t quite get from the sale of my books yet.  However, who knows?  It might be this year that I can finally give up typing clinic letters and get on with doing what I actually want to do in this life….

Whilst sitting at home recovering I have been able to complete another novel ‘The Daughter-in-law Syndrome’.  I hope you like the cover:The Daughter in Law Cover,

I am editing the book now just to make sure there are no glaring errors.  It deals with the husband/wife, mother/son, and mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationships. It will be published by Second Wind Publishing in May 2015.  If anybody is interested in receiving an ARC copy for review, please reply to this blog.  I have given a short synopsis below:

Arla Deane sometimes likens her marriage to undergoing psychological warfare.  Husband Ric puts his mother Edna up high on a pedestal, and Arla is sick of always feeling that she comes in at only second best. After twenty eight years of marriage, Arla, the daughter-in-law, is at the end of her tether and persuades a reluctant Ric to accompany her for marriage guidance. As they look back over their lives with Counsellor Toni Beecher, Arla slowly comes to realise her own failings, and eventually discovers the long-hidden reason why Ric will never utter a cross word to his mother.

I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best for 2015,