I subscribe to Google Alerts, which informs me if it finds anything new online that contains my name.  Yesterday I had an alert that somebody writing on an online forum was asking where they could download ‘The Porn Detective’ for free.  They received a reply from the administrator informing them of several sites where, for a two dollar registration fee, they can download anything that takes their fancy for no cost.

Now my book is not wildly expensive.  It is priced at $1.50 because eventually I hope to make a living out of my writing (yes, I’ve taken my happy pill, that’s why I’m so optimistic).  However, a livelihood seems very far away if people are able to download all my work for free without my permission.  For that particular book I sweated blood and tears, and it riles me no end to find out that people are setting up sites, buying my books, and then making a living from MY work, charging who knows how many others a registration fee to download as many of my books as they like for nothing.

Is there no way to stop this piracy?  The person who wanted to know where to get ‘The Porn Detective’ free actually paid more in registration fees than the book cost in the first place!  Grrrrr!!!!!