Living for 57 years, I have learned many things, and here are some of them. They are not necessarily in any order, but just written down as I’ve thought of them.

1.   Your children need to know that you love them.

2.   If there’s a way to cheat, then people will find it.

3.   Keep your money safe, because everybody wants it.

4.   Work at your relationship; don’t give up at the first hurdle.

5.   Laying out in the sun is a very stupid thing to do.

6.  Children benefit from your time and patience.

7.   It’s better to turn off the TV and do something productive.

8.   University is not the be-all-and-end-all.

9.   Grandchildren are definitely nature’s reward for being parents.

10. Hormones govern everything we do.  It’s the reason why men are ruled by their loins and women of child-bearing age have PMT. THEY CAN’T HELP IT.

11. Everybody’s looking for an edge.

12. You will never know another person completely.

13.  Never put your trust in people in authority (see number 2).

14. Men prefer sex, and women prefer love.

15. You will be happier if you have a reason to get out of bed in the mornings.

16. Sugar is just as addictive as alcohol and nicotine. Free yourself from them and feel 100% better (see number 17).

17. Will power is the only way to beat addictions.

18. We are here to grow spiritually and learn from our mistakes.

19. Asking ‘Why me?’ when faced with an illness will get you nowhere.

20. Only you can put a stop to the unhappiness in your life.

21. It is not our right to be a parent.

22. Having babies is a young person’s job.

23. Work hard to get what you want.

24. Never give up; if you’re persistent you’ll get there in the end.

25. It’s best that parents forego brainwashing their children to follow their own religious views.  LET THE CHILD MAKE UP ITS OWN MIND FOR GOD’S SAKE!

26.  Your child is a person in its own right, not an extension of yourself.

27.  Take up a worthwhile hobby as you grow older, so that you don’t have to live your life through your children.

28. Try to forgive; it’ll make you happier.

29. Most daughter-in-laws can never win.

30. Live every day as though it’s your last.  Life is short!

31. Have patience with the elderly. They can’t help being old.

32. Leave the table before you’re full up.

33. Look after your body.  It’s the only one you’ve got.

34. Generally speaking a woman will never be as strong as a man.  Men need to do the jobs where physical strength is needed, and women need to let them get on with it.

35. There is no cure for ageing.  A 60 year old having a facelift will always look like a 60 year old that’s just had a facelift.

36. Homosexuality to the gay person is as normal and natural as heterosexuality is to the straight person.

37. Women can do many things at once, but men cannot.

38. Apart from the love of your family, there is nothing quite as wonderful as being free of periods.

39. There is no shame in being middle aged or elderly (see number 35).

40. Relish peace and quiet and the chance to think your own thoughts (see number 7).

41. Enjoy the fruits of your labours.  You’ve earned it!

42. Try and see somebody else’s point of view before making a judgement.

43. Caffeine is just as addictive as sugar, alcohol, and nicotine.  Free yourself from it (see number 17).

44. Porn is just as addictive as caffeine, sugar, alcohol and nicotine.  Clean out your brain and start over (see number 17).

45. Try not to complain too much.

46. Listen to somebody without interrupting.

47. Be as happy as you can be.

48. Get outside in the fresh air.  You’ll feel better for it.

49. Have a daily cuddle with your loved one.

50. Don’t worry; there’s a better life waiting when we’re dead!

Can anybody add to my list????