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Here is this week’s question:

Tell us about your first concert.  Who did you see?  Who did you go with? Did you enjoy it? Have you seen that band/artist again in concert?


The first concert I ever remember going to is shrouded in a bit of a mystery.  I remember my parents took me to see Frank Sinatra perform in either 1970 or 71 when I was about 12.  I have always been under the impression that it was at The Palladium in London, but when I checked my facts on Google, there is no mention of a concert there at that time.  However, there is mention of a ‘Lost London concert’, and I am wondering if this is the one?  The venue was smaller and intimate, and was definitely not the Royal Festival Hall where Google led me straight to.

I phoned my mother, who still has all her marbles at nearly 91.  She told me she thought the theatre was ‘down St. Martin’s Lane’, and that it was definitely not at the Festival Hall, but she could not remember if it was at The Palladium or not.  I looked up the address, and The Palladium is in Argyll Street, so the mystery deepens.  Nevertheless, she definitely remembers the occasion, because at the time she was ‘besotted’ with Sinatra.  If anybody can help with the venue please let me know, as now I’m really curious!

I wasn’t really into any particular bands at the time.  The Beatles had recently split up, but I don’t remember this fact having much of an impression on me.  I went along with my parents as they had bought me a ticket, not for any other reason.

I am trying to remember who sang during the first half of the show.  It was either Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald.  Mum told me at the time that the singer had perfect pitch, so I’m leaning towards Ella, but the performance didn’t register with me as much as Frank’s.

Although probably the youngest person in the theatre, I picked up on the atmosphere straight away.  There was a buzz in the audience as the lights dimmed, and the place exploded as Sinatra came on stage for the second half.  At that time he was past his prime and coming up to the first of his retirement concerts, but I still remember how the audience loved him.  Mum complained that he was spending too much time drinking and talking instead of singing, but looking back I suppose a man in his mid to late fifties would be looking to expend less energy!

I can’t remember if I enjoyed the concert or not.  Frank was part of my parents’ generation, and I was just along for the ride.  However, I do remember the atmosphere very clearly. I have been to many concerts since then, and part of the thrill for me is always those few minutes before the band come on stage and the lights dim.

Frank’s lights dimmed some time ago, but that concert stayed in my mind.  Whether it was Ella and the London Palladium or not I’ll probably never know now, but all I do know is that it definitely was not at the Festival Hall!


Which was P.J Fiala’s first concert?  You can find out by visiting her blog at