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Thanks for the introduction Ann Popp:

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This week’s question:

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I’ve won the odd £10 here and there over the years, but nothing like the million or two I would like to win.  But hey, let’s pretend I have won two million pounds……

First things first I would help out my sons by paying off their mortgages and outstanding bills.  Then I would take great pleasure in giving them a vast amount of spending money to do just exactly what they liked with, and I would also set them up in the self-employed businesses they would like to start now but do not have the capital for.  Next in line would be buying a bigger house with a granny annexe near to where we live now, and also I would splash out on a summer house in my favourite place on earth – the Isle of Wight.  I would buy a house in Ryde as near as I could to this view:

1 (38)

The house would have a swimming pool and gym (of course) and enough bedrooms to accommodate all the family, a ground floor suite for my 91 year old mum, and most important of all it would have a writing room tucked away somewhere under the eaves so I can sit in solitary splendour, look at the view, and think up some more plots.

I was born in London and always love to go back ‘Up West’ to see a show.  I think one of those Yuppie flats overlooking the Thames would do very well as a weekend residence.  I could hop on the Clipper and be in the centre of London in 15 minutes….


What next?  Sam would like a few more motorbikes I’m sure, so it would be off to the bike shop to purchase one of these for him ……


The world cruises come next (or perhaps even before the houses and bikes).  Three or four months on board a cruise ship during the British winter sounds rather agreeable, don’t you think?

Cruise 2005 043

Now…she says.. what else can she spend her money on?  Ah yes, I’d like to get a rehab centre built in our part of the world to cater for those with addictive personalities.  All those suffering in silence would be able to go there for support and information.  I would like to be able to pay for the most knowledgeable people to staff it.

A serious dent has been made in my winnings with all this spending.  I can hear my mum’s voice in the background saying ‘spend some and save some’.  Good idea.  I’d save some for my old age, and set up trust funds so that my sons and grandchildren have enough to live on when they get to retirement.  Oh yes, and I’d also like to put money aside for my grandchildren to attend public schools to give them the chance of the kind of education which my parents could not afford to give to me.

Any money left?  Probably not after all that spending!


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