Knocking what on the head, I hear you ask?

My job as a medical secretary.  I’ve gorn and bleedin’ well done it.  I am now a full time writer!  Thanks to Sam’s generosity I can sit at my desk all day for as long as I want.  There is no manager creeping about and looking over my shoulder to check what I am doing, and there are no deadlines and targets to meet.

I’m not exactly carting the royalties away in a wheelbarrow yet, but it’s all still quite exciting.  I’ve spent the last week re-vamping ‘A House Without Windows’ and adding another 6000 words ready for entry into more competitions.  I’ve set up an audio book request, and started writing my 11th novel (two other manuscripts are complete but I haven’t done anything with them yet).  I’ve just written my Open Book Blog Hop for Wednesday, and sent manuscripts off to two interested publishers I met at the London Book Fair with a view to them possibly selling translation rights.

With all this writing and networking I don’t know how I ever managed to go to work in the first place!  I also want to complete another book of interviews, preferably featuring people who have beaten some kind of addiction.  My ‘Understanding Alcoholism’ interview with Beem Weeks seems to have been the most popular of my blogs to date, and I am grateful to Beem for answering my questions so candidly.

I intend to work hard and try and make a go of my new venture.  I’ve been either looking after children or working for somebody else all my life, and now at 57 years old it’s time to do what I want for a change before it’s too bloody late……!