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This week’s question:

Do photo-shopped images make you feel bad about yourself? Do you worry about the effect it has on teens?

If this question had been asked of me forty years ago when I was more concerned about my appearance, then I might have said yes to both parts of the question.  However, at 57 years of age I am quite comfortable in my own skin, happily invisible (as all middle-aged ladies are to the young and to the opposite sex), and that’s the way I like it.  I no longer care that I will never be a size 6, and I am quite content to be my usual size 12/14.  When my youthful looks began to fade in my late forties I accepted the inevitable and took stock of what I did have; a loving husband and family who cared about me.

I feel especially sorry for teenage girls and even pre-teens these days.  These poor girls are bombarded every which way by pictures of stick-thin models, with blemishes artfully concealed by the air-brusher.  In the early ‘Seventies when I was that age we were free of Internet images, and our TV screens did not show quite as many inane, half-naked and air-headed ‘celebrities’.  I can see how the young girls are looking up to these ‘role models’, and are becoming sexualised and obsessed about their bodies at too young an age.  I see it in my granddaughters, and it saddens me immensely.  See how unhappy this size zero model looks below. She’s probably starving hungry!

Size Zero

Would you want to go around looking like that?  Hey, perhaps I’m just getting old, but I’m so glad I was a teenager in the ‘Seventies and not now!  I’m also glad I can eat when I’m hungry and not feel guilty about it …….


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