You don’t know how to market your books in order to become an overnight sensation?  You fret because you’re only selling one book every week? Well, I can tell you all now to stop worrying about it.  I have found the answer.

The solution is to forget about the whole bloody kit and caboodle and concentrate on reducing stress and seeking happiness for however long you have left upon the earth.  Yesterday I received the news that the treatment I had for cancer has not worked and that I might have to undergo more aggressive external beam radiation to destroy any microscopic cells left (thankfully microscopic and not tumours the size of oranges!)depending on the results of a CT scan.  Previously important things like trying to swim against the tide to make agents and big publishers take note of a non-celebrity is all water under the bridge now.  It’s good health that comes first, and everything else pales into insignificance.

The constant struggle to sell books will only cause you stress and depression in the long run.  I am grateful and happy to sell between 1 – 3 books every day with minimum effort presently on my part. Today I have received an email from somebody interested in making an audio book of ‘A House Without Windows’, which has given me a boost, but  I no longer care that I will probably never be that ‘overnight sensation’. At the moment I have no inclination to increase the amount of work I would need to put in, in order to sell more.  All I want now is to be free of whatever cancer is left in my body.

Embrace your good health if you have it, for you are the luckiest people of all.  We take our bodies for granted and do not realise what we have until it’s gone.

I will write if I feel like it.  If I am too tired I won’t.  I will sit in the garden and listen to the birds, and feel the sunshine on my face.  I will take time out to smell the roses.  I will give this poor old body a bit of TLC at last……….