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This week’s question:  Have any of us had paranormal experiences?

I was having paranormal experiences before I even knew what they were.  At five years old or thereabouts I lived with my parents in a top floor flat above a bank during the early 1960’s.  My father worked in the bank’s headquarters, and they were ‘lucky’ enough to obtain the flat for renting.  However, it was haunted.

819 commercial road

My bedroom was always freezing cold, and I can remember being frightened when my bed would frequently shake violently.  I would dive under the bedclothes and wait for it to stop, not knowing what was causing it.  After a while I refused to go to sleep unless one of my parents was in the room with me.

If I stayed away with my grandparents, my mother once told me much later that she would often find an imprint on my bedspread that a body would make.  I often saw ghosts of animals running up and down the passageway, although only being five years old, I did not know what I was seeing.  My mother, concerned at my visions and fears, made enquiries, and found out that some poor soul had hung himself in my bedroom.  Thankfully we moved out when I was seven!  The bank is now a restaurant.

As I became older I realised what had been going on in the bank flat, and this started a lifelong interest in spiritualism.  I have been to many spiritualist meetings, and have received messages from mediums which have all confirmed to me that there is a spirit world, and that death is not the end of us.  For example, I shared a flat with a friend in my early twenties, and I always had trouble unlocking the front door.  A medium gave me a message from my deceased uncle, who told me that I would never have any more trouble unlocking the door.  As soon as I returned home the key slid easily in the lock, and continued to do so until I moved out.

When I first had cancer ten years ago I had trouble sleeping, and was often awake for hours.  One night I tossed and turned, but then gave up and opened my eyes, intending to sit up and read.  As I sat up, there on the end of my bed was my oncologist.  She smiled at me and told me everything would be alright.  I lay back down and went to sleep!

I do not fear death.  I know there is something better waiting on the other side…….


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