Read about another great author, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko in RRBC’s ‘Pay it Forward’ week!

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…and my guests just keep getting more and more fabulous!  Today, I have the honor and pleasure of hosting one of my personal heroes, JOY NWOSU LO-BAMIJOKO!


Joy is one of my favorite members of Rave Reviews Book Club!  Heck, she’s now one of my most favorite people in all the world!  She has this spirit that’s filled with “joy” (I wonder if that’s where her name was derived), and her smile…infectious.  Across many oceans and the world-wide web, I have come to know this gentle woman and appreciate all that she embodies.  In a chat room where we discuss books and authors, in a comment left on numerous blog sites as she flits about supporting everyone she can, even in an email…I can always feel her kindness, her warmth…and again, that smile!

Joy, now retired, was a music teacher, trained in Santa Cecilia, Rome, and obtained her…

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