Enjoy your week in the Rave Reviews spotlight Nancy!

The Indie Spot!

It is my pleasure to once again share my blog with an incredibly talented indie author. Please give a warm welcome to this week’s Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author Nancy M. Bell.

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For Storm’s Refuge, my inspiration was a black momma dog I saw on a First Nations reserve near Calgary. She was thin and hungry but we couldn’t catch her. She never made it off. Storm is inspired by her, but is a conglomerate of many rescue dogs I’ve known. The book is dedicated to all the animals who need rescue and to all those who rescue them. I wish I could say they all have happy endings like Storm, but sadly that isn’t true. Animal abuse and cruelty is rampant and since animals are viewed as chattels or property it is very hard to help some of them. I urge everyone to find a reputable animal rescue…

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