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This week’s question:  If you had access to all the research in the world you would need, who is the person you would want to write a book about and why? 

I’ve always been fascinated by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  He was only small of stature, but had such a big influence on the modern world.  Even at the age of eight he could understand geometry and draughtsmanship and was a workaholic (as an adult he worked 20 hour days).  While still a teenager he became Chief Assistant Engineer to his engineer father’s project to build a tunnel under the river Thames (eventually Isambard’s baby son Henry would be the first person to travel in the tunnel – handed through by his father).  His brilliant mathematical brain could work out stress calculations in a trice for constructing bridges, tunnels and ships.  I have never had that kind of brain, nor ever will!


I would love to have met him, to talk to people who knew him, and to meet his teachers.  However, he died almost 100 years before I was born, and so sadly that can never happen.

His legacy his huge.  He built 25 railway lines, over 100 bridges, 8 pier and dock systems, 3 ships, and a pre-fabricated Army field hospital.  He is known as ‘The Briton who built Britain’.  I remain in awe of his achievements.


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