John Fioravanti

Author John Fioravanti is a retired teacher who taught high school history for thirty-five years in two schools in the Waterloo region of Ontario. His wife and business partner Anne have been married for 40 years, and have three adult children and three grandchildren. In 2002 John wrote an educational book for high school students about writing skills in the discipline of History. “Getting it Right In History Class” is available in Canadian and International editions at Wintertickle Press.

In 2006 Iceberg Publishing commissioned John to write an inspirational book about his years in the classroom. “A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching” was published in 2007 (and subsequently through John’s own publishing company Fiora Books in 2014).  John’s second non-fiction work attempts to crystallize the struggles, accomplishments, and setbacks experienced in more than three decades of effort to achieve excellence in his chosen field. The book won a Bronze Medal at the IPPY International Awards in Los Angeles in May, 2008. He retired from teaching the next month.  You can find the book on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Teaching is the canvas, but the portrait is so much richer and more colourful. This book will capture and absorb you. Fear of failure is a powerful motivator and as John Fioravanti battles and defeats his demons you will find yourself cheering for him as if he were contesting a sporting event.  I have read this book and can personally attest to its inspirational qualities.  Teaching is not a discipline confined to schools, and the lessons in this book about planning, listening, empathizing and sympathizing have applicability to all professions and walks of life − from a police lieutenant training officers to a sales manager teaching sales representatives and everything else in between.

John Fioravanti shaped, elevated, and improved the lives thousands of young people. After you’ve read this short story, you’ll be fulfilled and uplifted.


In 2013 John and Anne decided to strike off on their own and founded their own publishing company, Fiora Books, which began by publishing John’s books.  However, as the company grows they expect to sign new authors.  John also works hard for the Rave Reviews Book Club as Membership/Incentives Director, and after his two non-fiction books his next project was to launch a series of science fiction novels called “The Genesis Saga”. The first title in the series, Passion & Struggle, was published in October 2014 and is available on Amazon by clicking the link below:


In ‘Passion & Struggle’ Marco Rossini is a historian with no political aspirations, and no desire for power. However, he possesses unique knowledge that is about to change his life: he knows the human history of the planet Earth.

The Year is 2796 CE, and on the planet Genesis, human civilization looks very similar to the world it left behind. One difference dominates: a Church, created by the United Nations to compel peace, has ruled for seven centuries. Now, in the wake of a brutal war that aligned humanity with the new rulers of Earth, the old ways have been shattered, and Genesis needs a new, egalitarian government. Marco is the right man to help lead the change, but as the professor soon discovers, the battle between Church and state is far from over, and both sides are willing to spill blood.

Struggling to remake his world, to find love, and to survive in troubled political waters, can Marco Rossini change history?

After writing his two non-fiction books, John is having the time of his life bringing new stories and characters to life!
You can find John at Fiora Books http://www.fiorabooks.com