Mark Estes

Mark Estes is an award winning author, a native of New England, and a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.  His latest novel Four Pieces For Power, Book One of the Vendicatori was published recently by Trafford Publishing.  Four Pieces For Power marks the first in a series of Vendicatori novels developed by Mark.  His second novel, Rekindle the Flame, Book Two of the Vendicatori is scheduled to be released in Spring 2015.   He is currently working on The Dragon and the Phoenix, Book Three of the Vendicatori. I also heard Mark state on the Rave Reviews Book Club’s RaveWaves radio show that half of the proceeds from the Vendicatori series will be going to the charity ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).


Synopsis of Four Pieces For Power, Book One of the Vendicatori

When mysterious strangers arrive at the home of Andrew Correo, they provide him with life changing news. He learns of the Vedicatori, a secret organization established by his ancestors, an organization he now has the chance to inherit control over. In order to gain this control, he needs to compete with Robert Stavero in a global scavenger hunt. They must search for four illusive crystals that, when brought together, will tell them their final destination.

Also in Edson, Monica Correo is planning a wedding to her love, John Weaver. With the wedding so close to Halloween, the pair decide to have a masquerade ball for the wedding reception. It will be an event no one in Edson will ever forget.

With just a clue and limited guidance, both Andrew and Robert set out on their secretive journey. For both, the path leads to mystery, suspense, and self-discovery. As Andrew looks forward to his future, while putting parts of his past behind him, Robert grows greedy and develops a love for deception and hate. The hunt brings them through the ruins of Teotihuacan to the Eternal City and its history, but who will have the cunning to come out on top?

Mark Estes is a two-time winner of the Vermont Playwright’s Award for his plays, What Would Dickens Do? and Glass Closets. What Would Dickens Do? also won the 2012 Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence.

Synopsis of What Would  Dickens Do?

Imagine if Purgatory really existed; if the Pearly Gates were not so much a what but a who, and all the famous writers of the past come together to discuss the ins and outs of their works. An aspiring writer, Eric enters Purgatory and meets the not so cordial Pearly Gates, assistant to St Peter. She helps Eric get settled by bringing him to the “Writer’s Block” where he meets the likes of Truman Capote, Charles Dickens, George Orwell, William Faulkner and Samuel Clemens on what happens to be Dickens’ last night before moving on to heaven. In celebration of his departure, the group decides to revisit The Mystery of Edwin Drood in hopes of finally learning Dickens’ intentions for the ending. The ensuing discussion brings out the best and worst in each writer’s imagination. The play explores the human experience in ways that will make you laugh, sigh and gain greater respect for the individiuality of mankind with the realization that the most interesting parts are often those which remain a secret.

Synopsis of Glass Closets

Everyone has secrets. Some are bigger than others. Alexander Caswell has a secret, but the only one he hasn’t told his secret to is his own mother. The secret is Alexander “Zander” Caswell is gay. After moving to New York City, Zander cashes in on his talents as a playwright. He lives in an apartment with his lesbian friend Lizzie. His neighbor, Patrick, has a never-ending crush on him.

His closest friends know that he has kept his secret from his mother and they want him to finally “come out” to her. One phone call changes all that…Lizzie invites Zander’s Mom, Esther to NYC as a surprise. Little does she know that Zander is about to receive news that he has been chosen for a major award in Gay playwriting. The Award ceremony is scheduled for the same weekend as Esther’s visit. With no choice but to tell him, Lizzie lets Zander know about the upcoming visit. She is able to convince Zander that, with a little planning, it will work out and the charade is on.

The events that follow lead to one exciting, hilarious, suspenseful and at times touching weekend that no one will ever forget From loons to cross-dressers, Glass Closets will take the audience on a journey of hope, compassion and love that will alter the course of their lives with insight and understanding of a world seldom seen…the world inside the glass closet.

Mark’s play, Gumbo (adapted from the short story by Charles Huckelbury) was a finalist in the 2011 Safe Streets Arts Foundation Short Play Competition and was presented at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. His play The Practice of Killing (co-written with Robert Johnson, and adapted from the short story by Mr. Johnson) has been published in the Spring 2013 edition of Tacenda Literary Magazine. In 2013 he was also awarded the Robert Chesley Award from the Chesley/Bumbalow Foundation in Los Angeles and selected to receive the Artist in residence grant from the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos New Mexico. His play Going Home was presented  at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in the Fall of 2014.

Synopsis of Going Home.

When Walter Wilson is released from prison after 50 years, he is faced with the struggle of fitting in with society, and society is faced with letting him. He goes to live with his late sister’s family where he meets Matthew, a young man that needs the guidance he, himself, could have used 50 years before.  Matthew learns the lessons of life from a man that was never given the chance to really have one. He learns to laugh, love, and understand what it is to be human through the eyes and experiences of his unlikely mentor.

Balanced with equal parts humour and heart, the audience is put on an emotional rollercoaster and left to consider, reflect, and examine their own lives while discovering just what they have taken for granted. It gives them hope to start living again.

Mark can be contacted on his official page http://estesmarcw.wix.com/author-page

You can also contact him on Twitter @vendicatori33 or send an email to estesmarcw@gmail.com