I love this time of year.  When the second weekend in June comes around it’s time for me to sort out our rucksacks, groundsheet, wet-weather gear, and wellies (but hopefully we won’t need the latter two!).  Yes, we’ll soon be heading off to Portsmouth to catch the ferry to Fishbourne and then on to Seaclose Park, Newport, for the Isle of Wight festival.


View of the stage from the Big Wheel

Although these days I don’t know many of the bands, I just love the atmosphere.  There’s Strawberry Fields to walk around, with tempting foods to buy or obscene t-shirts to giggle over.  Sam actually bought one a few years back, but it sits in the bottom of his wardrobe and only comes out for the festivals.  The Red Arrows usually make an appearance on the last day, and there’s stalls selling not only the aforementioned t-shirts, but fairy wings, posters, legal highs, and more food than you can throw a stick at.  In a discreet corner is ‘Pootopia’, upmarket toilets, whose motto is brazenly branded on a banner outside: – ‘Giving a S**t Since 2002’ (without the asterisks!).  I bought a ‘poo token’ last year and tried them out; not as upmarket as I’d hoped, but definitely one up on the usual ‘festibogs’.  This year there’s also hot tubs at £45 each for two hours, but while you’re sitting in that you’re missing out on everything else.  Sam and I will be riding the Big Wheel, but let’s hope that this year the men’s outdoor urinals are not visible from the top of it! After I’ve had my Pimms in the Octopus’s Garden, I like to head to the Bohemian Woods, where you can swing in a hammock and relax.  Here I am below at last year’s festival:

1 (57)

Stevie in a hammock – very difficult to exit gracefully!

1 (52)

Sparkly things in the Bohemian Woods – far out….

This year I’m looking forward to seeing Paolo Nutini, Ian Anderson, Kool & The Gang, and  especially Fleetwood Mac when they close the festival on  Sunday.  I get to know bands that I would not normally listen to as well, so it’s all good. One more day and then Stevie’s off…..see you all again on Tuesday!  x