Recently my son’s cat, Jess, brought home a blackbird’s egg as a little present for them all.  Apparently Jess carefully put the egg down on the kitchen floor, sniffed around it, and then walked away.

My son could see the egg was cracked and that a little bird was half hanging out of the shell.  When he emailed me the photo below I think the poor creature was the most pathetic thing that I had ever seen in my entire life:

Pathetic bird

But the bird was alive.  My son quickly looked up on Google about what to feed it on.  Apparently it could eat pureed dry cat food, which was rather handy, as they already had a cat.  He found a little Tupperware box to put it in and made a bed for it (!)…

Bird in bed

My daughter-in-law is busy looking after a baby and a toddler during the day, and so my son took the bird to work in its box,  fed and watered it at regular intervals, and even got up during the night to feed it while my daughter-in-law fed the baby!  He proudly announced to me over the phone that it was ‘pooping’, and whenever he tapped on the side of the box it would open its beak to be fed.

Sadly the bird only lasted two days before it died.  I was as devastated as my son, even though I had never seen it.  The cat had obviously cracked the egg before the bird was ready to be hatched, and its digestive system probably could not cope with the cat food.  When we went to his house yesterday for a barbeque he showed me the spot in the garden where he buried it.

Wouldn’t it have been nice for it to have survived?  However, nature knows best, and so I have to bow to her superiority…..