Goodbye e-books, and goodbye paperbacks.  Stevie needs to get with the latest trend, and that new trend, as far as I can tell, is audiobooks.

Okay.  I signed up to ACX and decided to make audiobooks of two of my novels that I already have trailers for: A House Without Windows, and ‘The Daughter-in-law Syndrome.  So far, so good.

Due to one paralysed vocal cord and many surgeries, I now have a voice sounding like Marge Simpson with a sore throat.  With the sure and certain knowledge that I would not be narrating my own audiobooks, the next step in my case was to add in a short audition script to the books’ profiles, and advertise for any interested parties.

The advert stayed up for quite a while (and actually I forgot all about it) before a British ex-pat living in the USA with a voice I could only dream about sent me a message to say that she had performed the audition.  I listened and was very pleased with the outcome, but I realised I had not asked her to perform any male dialogue.  Because the ACX royalty split is between the rights holder and one narrator only, the narrator has to perform every single part, unless you want to go down the route of entering into expensive private contracts with multiple narrators.  No……not for me……

First point on the learning curve; give a suitable audition script incorporating male and female dialogue.  I did another script, but when I listened to the completed audition I realised I had typed in too many words, and the script cut out just as the male dialogue was about to begin.


Stevie is still learning.  Due to the time difference in the USA I am now awaiting my lady’s reply to a third attempt at getting the script right.  She must be rolling her eyes to the heavens………..

Still, I know the audiobooks will be completed eventually, and I would have finally managed to jump on the proverbial bandwagon.  What do you think about audiobooks?  Do you think they are they the next best thing since sliced bread, or are they just an earache?