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My parents and all 4 grandparents were true Cockneys, born within the sound of Bow bells. I thought I’d make up a little quiz using phrases I heard as a child. Can you translate these? Some are easy and some are a bit more difficult. NO GOOGLING!!! The first one to contact me on my website before 29th July with the right answers will win a signed paperback of any one of my books of their choosing. If you’ve got all the answers have a look at my books and make contact on http://www.stevie-turner-author.co.uk

1) What do you have to do if you’re asked to ‘Put that bit of wood in the ‘ole’?

2) What are you if you say ‘Not since ol’ Leatherarse died’?

3) What are you if you say ‘It’s taters’?

4) What are you if you have ‘A mouth like a soap-boiler’s arse turned inside out and whitewashed’?

5) What will you receive if you hear ‘That’s your hopping pot’?

6) What is ‘Me old Dutch’?

7) What are you if you ‘Have a lot of rabbit?’

8) Where would you be if you saw a ‘Sky pilot?’

9) What would you be if you were ‘Cream crackered?’

10) What is ‘Mungee for the goat’?

Answers and the name of the winner will be given on 30th July.

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