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This week’s question:   Let’s talk fun. What do you consider fun? Drinks with friends, camping, music, shooting pool, picnics, watching television. Show us your fun times. 

My idea of fun has changed throughout the years.  When I was 16 until I was about 22 I was the disco queen of South East London on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  With advancing age and the mushrooming of nightclubs playing music that makes me terribly angry, my disco days began to fade into the ether round about 1982 when my first child was born.  However, some girlfriends and I still managed to dance around our handbags well into our forties if there were any 70’s revival nights in the offing.  We drank our Southern Comforts and reminisced of the days before babies changed the layout of our bodies and altered our sleeping patterns for the worse.

During the 80’s and 90’s if Sam and I could get a babysitter we would sometimes to go to a West End show or a London concert if the pennies allowed, or just go to the cinema if they didn’t.  We also enjoyed showing the children the sights of London (as we lived only a half an hour’s train ride from the West End) or taking them to the beach or theme parks in the summertime.  As the boys became older we started taking them to the big music festivals and rock concerts.

Now I am in my fifties the knees no longer wish to jump up and down to Nutbush City Limits  and 2-4-6-8 Motorway.  Sam and I still attend many music festivals, but perch sedately on our travelling rug instead of pogoing around the arena.  Sometimes the boys and their wives come with us and make it a family occasion. In the summer we’ll have family outings to the beach with boys, wives and grandchildren.

I am still in touch with the girlfriends of my youth.  We meet up every now and then for lunch or dinner because we cannot find any nightclubs catering for anybody over 20 years of age or playing the music of our teenage years. We drink our iced water, eat our baked salmon, and reminisce of the days before babies changed the layout of our bodies and altered our sleeping patterns for the worse.

I enjoy walking or cycling around the country lanes to keep moderately fit, so that hopefully I will still be able to walk around the music festivals well into my sixties.  However, I also get a real kick out of sitting at my computer and rattling off a few thousand words of the next novel.  I’m not one for watching much TV (it’s a pointless occupation) and prefer to do something productive if I’m sitting still – either writing or reading.

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