Thanks to Chris Harrison (link to Chris’s blog is above) for nominating me for the Seven Things About Myself blog tour.  I’m going to try and think of 7 things that haven’t already been mentioned in previous Seven Things About Myself blog tours.  Here goes:

  1.  I can juggle three balls in the air.
  2.  Five years ago I was all set to leave work and help run the new European branch of a very famous band’s fan club.  I said yes, but unfortunately legal issues at the time prevented it from being set up.
  3. I’m a very early riser, but am knackered by 9pm.
  4. Jimmy Savile gave out the prizes at my all-girls school’s Speech Day in the mid 1970’s.  I received my GCE certificates from him (!) but thankfully nothing else…..
  5. I hate soap operas.
  6.  I love silence.
  7.  My first audio book is nearly complete (The Daughter-in-law Syndrome)!

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