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This week’s theme:  What’s on your bucket list?  Tell us. Show us.

I think my bucket list mostly consists of places to visit, with one exception which I’ll leave until last.

1.  The first one on my list is something Sam and I have wanted to do for ages, so we’re going to do it for our 60th birthdays in 2 years’ time.  We’re going on a cruise that takes in New Orleans.  We want to walk down Bourbon Street and around Lafayette cemetery where they shot part of the film ‘Easy Rider’.

Bourbon Street

2.  Next would be a visit to Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion.


3.  Last but not least is to know my four grandchildren as adults.  The eldest is 10 and the youngest is 7 months, but as that is in the hands of the good Lord above we’ll have to see about that one…….

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