Waves to Light

I’d like to tell you all about the new joint project between M J Holman and Queen of Spades, Waves to Light.  The book is a highly anticipated follow up to The Sea of Conscience, and explores their paths towards healing in the midst of dealing with depression.

When tackling a complex issue such as depression, it is important to see a light that will guide you to a place of functionality, contentment, and hope. However, each journey can transpire in different ways.

Travel with M.J. Holman as her discoveries are painted in All Shades of Black. Continue the ride with Queen of Spades while roving along her Nuances of Color.  Two unconventional trips, heading towards the Waves to Light.

Here’s an introduction to the book by M.J Holman:

Following on from The Sea of Conscience, myself and Queen of Spades are reunited for the forthcoming Waves to Light. The focus of both works is mental illness, its discovery, and in Waves to Light, the treatment and coping mechanisms.

In 2014, while preparing for the release of The Sea of Conscience, I asked Queen of Spades if she would contribute some pieces of poetry and prose to the volume. This resulted in three offerings finely in tune with the whole work. Then, knowing we could create together and mesh, Queen of Spades proposed a follow-up book, one that we both agreed upon would be more equal in size and commitment.

The result is Waves to Light, an exploration through two clearly defined sections, All Shades of Black and Nuances of Color, of the layers of depression and hypomania, and the progress towards peace and a path of light.

Waves to Light is due to be published on September 15th 2015.

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