A while ago I read on WordPress all about the Audio Creation Exchange (ACX).  I decided to give it a go and put a few of my books on there in the hope that somebody might want to narrate them and turn them into audio books.

The books sat there for about four months.  During this time I forgot all about them until I had an email recently from ACX to say that Wendy Anne Darling wanted to read three of my audition scripts.  I got chatting to her, found out that we were on exactly the same wavelength, and was delighted when she agreed to narrate The Daughter-in-law Syndrome, A House Without Windows, and A Rather Unusual Romance.

I am pleased to say The Daughter-in-law Syndrome is completed and is now available for purchase.  Wendy is now working on A House Without Windows.

The Daughter in Law Audio Cover2


Wendy now has many other books to narrate apart from mine.  I decided to put some more books onto ACX yesterday with some short audition scripts.  Almost straight away two other narrators got in touch, which I am rather delighted about.  One chap wants to audition for The Pilates Class, and another lady wanted to audition for For the Sake of a Child until she realised that a narrator with a British accent was needed.  Buoyed by so much interest, I’ve now put Lily: A Short Story onto ACX for audition as well, which recently was joint winner of the Goodreads eBookMiner Book of the Month competition.  The rest of my books will doubtless follow in time.

Would anybody like to receive a promotional code to receive a free copy of The Daughter-in-law Syndrome’ audiobook for review?  I will be receiving 5 codes to give away soon. Contact me either here or on my website http://www.stevie-turner-author.co.uk/


The other string to Stevie’s bow is a possible foray into the Kindle Scout programme.  This is proving terribly frustrating.  In order to qualify for this, one has to have a US bank account.  I have found out that my current bank is not willing to give me one of those, but fortunately I have found one of the big 5 very helpful as my mother and I already have a joint account with them.  However, in order not to confuse my 91 year old Mum if she sees dollars being paid into a joint US account in the future, I was told that to open a sole US account I have to have a sole current account as well.  What a bloody palaver.  Not one to give up easily, I’m now going back to the bank tomorrow to start the application process all over again.  Watch this space.

It’s all grist t’mill as they say up North (at least I think they do).  My northern friends will be able to confirm that….