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This week’s theme:  What has been your favourite decade to date, and why?

I’d be interested to read everyone’s blogs this week, because I’m wondering if all the favourite decades will coincide with the bloggers’ teenage and early adult years.  It is thus so with myself, and I pick out the 1970’s when I grew from a 12 year old girl up to a 22 year old, engaged to be married lady.


Up until I was 18 in 1976 I was still at school, happy and carefree.  I learned to drive in 1976 and started using Dad’s car to drive girlfriends about to various discos and nightclubs.  I began paid work in 1976, found my first love at the age of 19 in the workplace, but lost him to another, which left me broken-hearted for quite some time.

For the most part of the decade I still had Dad around, and we were a happy little family unit.  Dad died in 1977, but after a period of mourning Mum, then aged 54, branched out and also learned to drive, and eventually met a chap who stayed with her until his death a few years later.

I started going to see all the best rock bands of the time with my girlfriends.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, David Bowie, Status Quo, Bob Dylan, Bryan Ferry, Be Bop Deluxe, Fleetwood Mac, Wishbone Ash, and many more too numerous to mention.  I still think to this day that the 1970’s had the best music!  There were also films I saw that I still think about today; The Godfather, The Go-Between, and Saturday Night Fever to name but a few.

I left home in 1978 and shared a flat with a girl from work.  We were earning good money for the time and had riotous parties, and I fell in and out of love, as most 20 year olds do.  However, in 1979 I met Sam, and within 3 months realised he was the one for me. We are still together nearly 36 years later.  We’ve had our ups and downs, as does any couple, but we’re stronger now for what we’ve been through.

I often look back wistfully to the 1970’s, and I realise then of course that I was young, healthy, and in love with life.  The world was at my feet and there was nothing holding me back.  I was invincible, and was going to live forever!

Hmm….I’m older and wiser now, but sometimes I still wish it was 1970 again…….

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