In between frantically networking and reviewing books I have managed to write a 25,500 word novella (psychological fiction)  entitled ‘The Noise Effect’.  It will be published on 14th November 2015 and is currently on pre-order with Amazon.  If anybody would like a copy for reviewing, please leave a message or contact me on my website http://www.stevie-turner-author.co.uk/


The Noise Effect

Leigh and Eve Chandler are newlyweds who are thrilled to be given a house on a newly-built council estate.  At first all is well, but then noisy neighbours begin to make their lives hell.  When Eve complains to the council, things take a turn for the worse, with frightening consequences which eventually cause Eve to realise that she really does not know her new husband very well at all.


John has tried many times to gently steer me in the direction of counselling, but to me that means psychiatrists will want to begin prodding and delving into the past in order to open up the bag of worms that makes up my brain. I am not ready for such an intrusion into my privacy. I smile at my husband and pretend I am just having a bad day, but in fact the bad days are increasing at quite an alarming rate. John has also started calling me Evie, but I tell him not to; that was Leigh’s prerogative. I am Evelyn or Eve; a phoenix risen from the smouldering ashes of 20, Primrose Court.

Does one person really know another? With age comes insight, and unfortunately over the years I have come to a negative conclusion to that question. I also realise that an inability to endure changes us all. The Leigh I thought I knew returns too often now and disturbs my dreams, but his features are twisted into some grotesque personification of evil.   I am trying to escape from the place they call a living hell, but now increasingly recurrent flashbacks ensure that I cannot.

Primrose Court: Visions of faceless, middle-aged men mowing the lawns on Sunday mornings spring to mind, while their plump, motherly wives supervise the children at the same time as roasting a joint of beef to perfection. However, as Leigh and I were to find out, in fact nothing was further from the truth.

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