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This week on the Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about how we prepare our garden / home for the winter.

We have quite a large front garden set to lawn with lots of trees and shrubs, and a smaller back garden.  I usually cut the grass until about late October; by then it’s stopped growing.  Sam will prune the fruit trees and trim the hedges and Leylandii trees, which have a tendency to grow quite fast.


Two views of our front garden.


Sam’s cut back most of the smaller shrubs now, and there’s just the apple tree and plum tree to prune.  Out in the back garden he’s cut the hedge and by the end of October we’ll put away the plastic chairs and table in the shed and also the gas BBQ.


At the beginning of December Sam will start to put up the Christmas lights (last year we won the village competition!) which the grandchildren love.  It usually takes him a whole day. Last year they looked like this.

2014-12-13 17.25.23

Nothing much needs changing in the house as regards preparation for winter.  Sam usually decorates one room per year after the gardening season has finished, but this year we’re not bothering as we’re going to have central heating installed in May next year, and probably the whole house will need decorating afterwards.  We’re not fond of central heating and have managed quite well without it for 25 years, but we want to sell the house and retire to the Isle of Wight, and so the deed has to be done as nobody these days wants to buy a house without central heating.  I can’t imagine I’m going to use it at all!

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