I can hear you saying……my what?  Yes, one of my reviewers likened ‘A House Without Windows’ to a Marmite book – you either like it or you don’t.

A House Without Windows_Two Awards

I’ve been fortunate enough to win a New Apple Award and a Readers Favorite Gold Award for ‘A House Without Windows’, 50 positive reviews on Amazon.com and 34 positive reviews on Amazon.co.uk which you can check out for yourself.  However, I’ve also had my share of 1, 2 and 3 star reviews mostly on Goodreads, and it’s quotes from some of these that I’d like to share with you today and make some comments where I think comments are due (I must add though that there are 145 x 5 star reviews and 57 x4 star reviews on Goodreads which I am grateful for!).

  1. Quote (2 stars)… the writing was a grade 4 reading level.  I finished it though as I wanted to know what happened.

Stevie:  Surely if it was that bad you wouldn’t have wanted to finish it??

2.  Quote (2 stars)…I really disliked Joss and found him to be surly.

Stevie:  Joss is a 16 year old boy.  Many 16 year old boys are surly!  Also why has the reader got to ‘like’ the character?  Where did this start?  Did Bram Stoker worry that readers might not ‘like’ Dracula? 

3.  Quote (1 star)….If you like the book ‘Room’, you’ll probably like A House Without Windows.  I found both books to be tedious to read.

Stevie:  If you didn’t like ‘Room’, why on earth did you buy ‘A House Without Windows’ then?

4.  Quote (1 star)…I can’t even finish this book.  Every sequence of events is told by the little girl.

Stevie:  Er…..no.  If you had taken the time to finish the book, you would have found out that the little girl’s perspective is only one part of the story.

5.  Quote (1 star)…..
“Oh darling, let’s get married and live happily ever after!”
“Okay, darling, I never stopped loving you. XOXO”
“Don’t worry about my current wife, my darling, she’s not important…I only have eyes for you, baby.”
“Oh, but my darling, I’m too scared to go on the boat!”
“Don’t worry, my beautiful darling, I’ll keep you safe with my big, strong, manly arms.”

These aren’t direct sentences from the story, but you could plug them in and they’d fit.

Stevie:  These are not my words, so why did you write them?

So for those of you who are not authors, this is an example of what we have to put up with.  Some people of course get their kicks from giving 1 and 2 star reviews anyway, but I am happy to say that the majority of folks are genuine and don’t like bashing authors just because they can.  Of course no author can please all of the people all of the time, and there will always be some people who do not ‘get’ what you are trying to put over.  However, rest assured that I do welcome honest reviews and constructive criticism!

Best wishes and happy reviewing from Stevie!