Not content with audio books, ‘they’ say we all now have to send out newsletters as well.

At first I wondered what on earth I could put in a newsletter that I’d not already written about.  So I wracked my brain a bit and came up with this:

It’s but a small start, and I’ll be building up material to hopefully publish one at the end of each month on my website.

Now comes your bit.  Oh **** I hear you moan…….

So if you’ve got any new releases coming up that you want promoting, please use the contact box on my website and let me know about them.  Also if anyone’s got the time in-between writing the next bestseller and feels like reviewing someone else’s book, again let me know.

Before you run screaming from the room, have a read of my questions and maybe leave a comment or two.  I’ll put the best answers in my next newsletter!

  1. What do you think about newsletters?  Does anyone give a monkey’s?
  2. Should every author have a newsletter?  If so, why?
  3. Does anybody ever read newsletters anyway?
  4. If I gave you one million pounds, would you read my newsletter?
  5. Is my newsletter better than yours?  If not, why?
  6. Will 2016 be the year of the newsletter?  If not, why?
  7. Where do you find your newsletter news?  Have you poached it from my newsletter?