‘Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention…….’

So sang Frank, and so to some extent, sing all of us I expect.  You cannot get to my age without wondering how life might have played out if you had taken an altered path here, or made a different choice there.  I’ve got some regrets, but not enough to spoil the life I eventually chose for myself.  I’m going to list them here in no particular order.  Maybe you might have similar regrets, or a whole tome of your own to publish!

I regret not having more children.  My eldest son was hyperactive and hard work.  There were years when both sons fought like cat and dog every day, and at the time I couldn’t envisage ever having the energy or the inclination to go through the months of sleepless nights with a third  baby while still trying to keep the eldest boy under control.  Sam said he’d rather cut it off with a rusty breadknife than go through the early baby years again, and so we stayed with the 2 we already had.


I regret not following the arts more at school.  I struggled with Maths, Physics and Chemistry for years, not realising at the time that I’d never have the talent to become a doctor.  Now I know my brain was more wired towards Creative Writing, Art and Music.  My parents told me I’d never make a living with the arts, and to concentrate on the sciences.  However, unfortunately I never made a living with the sciences either!


I regret turning a blind eye for so long to Sam’s addictions to porn and alcohol.  If I had lived true to myself as I do now, then our problems would have been sorted out years ago.  We’ve had 5 lovely years with no addictions at all, and I’ve got back the man I married in 1980, albeit older, wiser, but now rather guilt-ridden I think.  However, our issues helped me to get started on a writing career in my early fifties, and so some good came out of it.

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I regret never having a proper mother-daughter relationship with my own mother.  She’s 91 now and has always been very difficult to get along with.  I care for her now out of a sense of duty. ‘Nuff said.

I regret not going to university and studying for a degree in English.  My mother always told me that ‘people like me didn’t go to university’, and it was just for doctors, lawyers and teachers.  When I see some of the subjects that students can study at university these days, I realise I was born in the wrong time.


I regret not having any brothers and sisters, but as I can’t do anything about it, it’s not worth going into that one.

I regret sometimes being too strict with my eldest son, but he was the proverbial handful, and when I see the successful man he has become today, I tell myself that perhaps it was all for the best.


So, all these are my main regrets, but what’s yours?