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This week on the Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about our winter pastimes.

I only stop walking about if the pavements around my village are too icy.  I’m quite a hardy soul, and bad weather doesn’t usually put me off exercising.  I quite enjoy the fresh air, and hate sitting inside hot, stuffy rooms all day.

I took early retirement in April, and so write or network for most of the weekdays, winter or summer.  Weekends are a chance to meet up with the family. Sometimes we’re called on to babysit the grandchildren on a Saturday night, and other times the grandchildren come to us and stay at our house overnight.  We usually find places of interest to take the children, according to their age.  Last weekend our granddaughters stayed with us, and we took them to a local farm offering Christmas crafts, a chance to meet Santa, and a few fairground rides.

We still attend rock concerts during the winter if any touring bands catch our interest.  Last Thursday we went to the O2 at Greenwich to see Deep Purple play. Despite the band members’ advancing years, they still sound good and played all the old favourites.

Unfortunately I was never very domesticated, and don’t bake or sew.  The very idea of doing either one makes me want to run out of the house screaming!  Sam can’t eat pastry anyway, and eating sweet or fatty/creamy puddings and pies always make me feel nauseous.  A funny incident occurred last weekend when my granddaughter asked me if I could show her how to cook.  Sam burst out laughing at the thought of it, and I had to tell her that I’m not very nice to know if I have to waste too much time fussing about in the kitchen. Sam knows that if the weather is too bad for me to walk about and I don’t fancy writing or networking, then he’ll probably find me reading until my eyes fall out instead of cooking something to clog up his arteries.

Another thing we’ve often done in recent winters is to stay in London overnight at a friend’s flat who has always kindly rented it out to us for ‘mates rates’.  The flat is situated overlooking the Thames down at Canary Wharf, and it’s one of those tiny ‘Yuppie’ flats that have mushroomed up over the past 20 years where the wharves and warehouses used to be.  For the past 10 years or so we have rented it on the occasional Saturday night and caught the Clipper up to the West End to see a show, as it’s only about 15 minutes on the boat from Canary Wharf to Westminster.  Another bonus about the flat is the swimming pool in the basement, and we always make use of that on Sunday mornings.  However, my friend and her husband have sold their main residence and now live in the flat full-time.  It’s kind of ‘compact’, and not really suitable for overnight guests.  What a shame it wasn’t available last Thursday (we noticed the non- mates rates when staying at a hotel in Greenwich)!

What does author Rebecca Lovell do during the winter? Rebecca Lovell started out writing fan fiction when she was in middle school, and all of it had original characters and romantic entanglements. Over the years she has become much better at writing and moved on to her own work, but the romance has always stayed the same.

Rebecca enjoys reading all kinds of books (her favorite writers include JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Carolyn McSparren and Lynn Graeme), and loves swimming and interesting beer (current favorite is Revolver Brewing’s Blood and Honey). She lives in Texas with her cats.   Please check out her books here: rebeccalovellbooks.com and her blog here: http://rebeccalovellbooks.com/blog/

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