I have just read something on Facebook which made me laugh and started me thinking back to when I was young and silly.  The Facebook post read like this:

‘Elementary kids today have iPhones.  When I was their age I used to spread glue on my hands, wait for it to dry, and then peel it off’.

Here then is a list of 10 stupid things I’ve done when I was about 9 or 10. Feel free to add yours too!

  1. Purposely sewed my fingers together in the needlework class.
  2. Played ‘Chicken’ with a friend on a busy motorway.
  3. Roller skated while holding a glass bottle, and then I fell over….
  4. Explored empty condemned houses (this was really good fun).
  5. Crept up to my dad as he read a newspaper, leapt up and let off a party popper (not such good fun immediately afterwards as I recall).
  6. Disobeyed my formidable headmistress in junior school.
  7. Told my parents that I didn’t need a babysitter anymore.  They went out for the evening, but then it got dark…….
  8. Made the mistake of answering my ‘boyfriend’ Alan’s love note that I found in my desk at school with one of my own.  The mistake I made was then asking somebody to pass my note along the line to where he sat.  Half the class must have read it as it travelled on its journey to him, and my face turned as red as a beetroot!
  9. Tried to squeeze through some railings and got stuck.
  10. Climbed up on Mum’s kitchen unit for what reason I cannot remember.  The whole unit pitched forwards; plates and cups smashed to the ground, and Mum wasn’t very nice to know that day….