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One of the many positive responses I had last week to my interview with Chris, the Story Reading Ape, was a message from Haddon Musings’ Senior Salon inviting me to write a weekly blog and link up with them on Wednesdays.  The Senior Salon is open to anyone who is retired or over 60.  I’m not quite there with the big 60 yet, but due to having taken early retirement this year I decided to give it a try.

For my first blog I thought it would be polite to introduce myself, as my mother always tried to instil me with good manners.  So here goes…..

I’m British, and have been writing women’s fiction novels under the pseudonym of Stevie Turner for about 3 years now.  I’m married with 2 sons and 4 grandchildren, and live in the East of England.  I try and come up with peculiar subjects to write about that not many others have thought about before.  This led to my first novel ‘The Porn Detective’, which deals with the effect of Martin Andrews’ porn addiction on his marriage to Frances.  Some of it is actually based on what I went through in my own marriage, but thankfully all has been well for some time now.

Web Porn Detective small cover


The next one ‘The Pilates Class’ is humorous and I based it on my year-long foray into the world of Pilates evening classes.  They say to write about what you know, and I certainly did that with my first two books.



I found the inspiration to write the thriller ‘A House Without Windows’ from an item on the news whereby 3 women were kept in captivity for 30 years.  One of the women was younger than 30, and this got me thinking that this poor person had never seen the outside world….

A House Without Windows_Two Awards

http://bookShow.me/B00HUH6R7Q  (also available as an audio book, and somewhere I still have some promotional codes I think)

If any British Senior Salon readers are interested, I have 25 free promotional codes from Audible.co.uk for my humorous audio book ‘No Sex Please, I’m Menopausal!’.  This is also available as an e-book or paperback, and deals in a light-hearted way with the effects of the menopause on the marriage of Lyn and Neil Fuller.

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Other books are ‘A Rather Unusual Romance’, which is partly based on treatment I had to undergo for thyroid cancer, ‘The Daughter-in-law Syndrome’, which focuses on the mother-in-law / daughter-in-law relationship, and ‘Revenge’, the effect on a marriage of an affair.  All these plus two short stories and my latest novel ‘The Donor’ (sibling rivalry/rockstar theme) can be seen on my Amazon author page:


I’m a full-time writer now, due to needing to take early retirement as I am now suffering with side-effects of the thyroid cancer treatment I have had in the past.  It’s all good though, as I’m now doing something I love instead of typing clinic letters all day as a medical secretary, which  I did for 13 years.

I also interview other authors on my website http://www.stevie-turner-author.co.uk/  and generally have a lot to say when the inspiration takes me.  I look forward to reading blogs from other Senior Salon authors in the future, and getting to know them, maybe even doing a few interviews?  Hope so! Contact me if you want to answer 20 questions.  See you next week hopefully, regards Stevie. x