I realise I’m out on a limb here, so to speak.  I find it quite sad that living trees are cut down just for the sake of being put in somebody’s hot front room for one or two weeks at Christmas.  They are then usually discarded at the beginning of January, unwanted, naked of needles, and all dried up.  I know they end up shredded and put to use elsewhere, but I’d rather just see them growing in the forest like they’re supposed to, taking in our carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen.

Discarded tree

I was never brought up with any Christmas traditions, so I can’t see the point of putting a tree in your front room (whatever was Prince Albert thinking about?).  We’ll put up lots of lights because the grandchildren love them, but I usually go minimalist as regards a tree.  This year we’re so minimalist that we haven’t got a tree at all, although there are 4 or 5 artificial ones in our loft.  We tend to over-compensate with twinkly lights outside though, and when our son saw our garden path this year he likened it to a runway….

My house

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the Christmas holidays as much as anybody else.  There’ll be present sharing, good food, and get-togethers with family and friends, but don’t look for a tree in our front room, because there won’t be one!