Hope everybody had a good Christmas.  We have been besieged in the nicest possible way by all the family over the past few days, and Stevie has not managed to watch even one TV programme apart from The Snowman, which we put on for our 3 year old grandson who was becoming rather overwhelmed with all the festivities.

Now that 2016 is looming ever closer, it’s that time where we think about New Year resolutions.  I like to decide on goals that are attainable  and which I have an outside chance of accomplishing, rather than promise myself to drop 3 dress sizes and complete the London Marathon.  However, I do like to throw in a personal challenge along the way.

Here below then are four resolutions that Stevie would like to carry out in 2016.  The last one is definitely a challenge, but hey, ho, nothing ventured, nothing gained…..

1.   To give more support to other authors, by way of interviews, book promotions etc.

2.  To publish more blogs than in 2015, and maybe in doing so, find interesting sites to link up with via the excellent InLinkz service (thanks Haddon Musings for my first invite!).

3.  To have most, if not all, of my books in audio form by the end of the year.

4.  To have my most popular books translated into one or two languages.

What are your New Year resolutions?  Do you think they’ll be accomplished?