So many people have asked to see my photos from our New Year’s  Eve trip down to London, and so without more ado I’ve shared the best ones with you.  On my website is a video you might also like to watch that I’ve just uploaded to my new January newsletter.


On our way to the Strand Palace hotel for dinner.  On the left are queues of people waiting to run down to the Embankment when the barriers open.


Walking from The Strand to Tower Pier we saw The Shard all lit up.

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Our pleasure boat cruiser for the evening to take us up to Westminster.

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Nearly at Westminster.  The London Eye lit up.

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All the party boats begin jostling for a good position near the London Eye as the evening goes on.

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Happy New Year!  Big Ben chimes twelve o’clock as the fireworks erupt from the London Eye.

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You can just about see the Houses of Parliament down on the right hand side in the background.

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A rather awesome photo of Tower Bridge lifted for the first time in 2016, HMS Belfast on the right, a full moon, and Jupiter just above it as a speck in the sky.