Today is the day before yet another operation for me.  Tomorrow I need to have a general anaesthetic (GA)  to repair a blocked tear duct in my right eye, caused by past radiation treatments for thyroid cancer.  I’ve lost count of the number of GA’s I’ve had over the past 10 years, but their effect is always the same – I’m awake for 3 days afterwards due to some strange reaction to the anaesthetic’s reversing agent.



Have you ever felt tired but as soon as you go to sleep, you are suddenly wide awake again?  It’s definitely a kind of torture!  The liquid cosh takes a week to get out of my system, and for all that time I walk about like some kind of zombie.  I actually managed to make it through 2015 without one operation, but I’ve put this one off for far too long.

So……if you start to think that Stevie’s a bit quiet this week, you’ll know why.  I’ll be circling the airport or sitting staring into space for a few days, but hey ho, at least I won’t have to walk around dabbing at my eye with mountains of tissues anymore.

Isn’t it easy to become institutionalised?  If I’ve had to spend a few days in hospital in the past, I quickly become used to meals being brought to me, cleaning being carried out in my room by somebody else, and generally having to do absolutely nothing.  However, reality creeps in after a couple of days recuperation at home, and it’s time to carry on running my house and life as normal.

I’m still feeling positive though, as I recently signed a contract to enable A House Without Windows and The Daughter-in-law Syndrome to be translated into German.  As I write this, A House Without Windows already has a few chapters translated. Therefore one of my new year resolutions is happily beginning to take shape already!

See you all soon.  Stevie’s off to zombie camp…….