Today on the Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about zombies.  Do you love them or hate them?

What do I think about zombies?  Hmm…. a zombie as far as I remember is a dead person walking around looking rather unwell and frightening the wits out of all and sundry, like poor old Rodney is doing here in the picture below…


Apart from noticing a remarkable resemblance to Rodney when I unfortunately caught sight of myself in a mirror last Thursday morning after my general anaesthetic, I have never seen a zombie in the flesh, so to speak.  Happily I don’t think I ever will either, as I’m a realist and know that zombies are actors made up to frighten the masses on TV and in films, thus enabling many boyfriends to be able to offer comforting masculine arms to newly acquired girlfriends terrified out of their aforementioned wits at the sight of Rodney and his decaying pals stumbling across the silver screen.

Sam I’m sure delights in any opportunity to hold me in his manly arms, but I’m afraid films with zombies in them do absolutely nothing for me.  I’m more likely to roll my eyes to the heavens, put on my coat, and run outside for some fresh air.  Likewise aliens; I’m instantly disinterested in any film which incorporates aliens, zombies, gore, horror, vampires and blood-curdling screams.  Oh yeah…. and disembowelling and chainsaws!

Sorry Rodney, I’ve got nothing against you, but I don’t really believe you exist.  I know you think you do and you look quite real in the photo, but you’d have to prove to me that you really are alive before I change my way of thinking.  Unless I can see you with my own eyes or touch you (ugh!), please don’t be offended if I activate the off switch on my TV as soon as catch sight of you….

Does Lela Markham believe in zombies?  Lela Markham is the pen name of an Alaskan novelist who was raised in a home of books. Alaska is a grand adventure like none other with a culture that embraces summer adventure and winter artistic pursuits.

A multi-genre writer, currently Lela is concentrating on dystopian and fantasy, but you never know what her imagination might get up to.

Lela shares her life with her adventuresome husband, two fearless offspring and a sentient husky. Click here to check out her blog aurorawatcherak@wordpress.com and here to discover her books on her Amazon author page http://www.amazon.com/Lela-Markham/e/B00OQWYP68/

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