I’ve had many different jobs during the course of my working life, and I’ve learned something from all of them.  Today I thought I’d share what I’ve learned by toiling away in my various workplaces, although please forgive me that I don’t mention what my first job was on leaving school, as I’d like to keep the few friends I’ve made here…..

1976 – 1980  I was young and silly in this workplace.  I learned that to fall in love was not always the wonderful experience it was cracked up to be.

1980 – 1982  Library Assistant.  Older, wiser, and by now married (however, not to the person I fell in love with in my first workplace), I learned that I enjoyed reading stories aloud to young children at Story time.  This was quite fortunate, as I soon found myself pregnant for the first time…

1987 – 1991  Care Assistant.  Here I not only learned what was coming at me in old age, but also that even though a person is in his/her 90’s or beyond, the areas of the body that have not been exposed to the sun are still as smooth and unwrinkled as a baby’s bum.

1992 – 1994  Self-Employed Cleaner with 2 employees.  I learned that once a client knows that you have public liability insurance, they will fabricate all kinds of damages supposedly carried out by your employees in order to get a brand new replacement of a worn out piece of furniture.

1994 – 1999  Office Clerk.  I learned how to look like I was doing some work, even though I had done it all and there was nothing else to do.

1999 – 2001  Exams Clerk.  I learned that some people you just cannot please, no matter how hard you try.

2001 – 2002 Administrator for a Civil Engineering firm.  I learned that even though some workers there were unable to read or write, they could still work out down to the last penny how much they had earned that month quicker than I could.

2002 – 2015  Medical Secretary in 3 departments:

  1. Cardiology Department:  I learned that my allergy to all dairy products is not necessarily a bad thing.
  2. Pain Medicine Department:  I learned that doing Pilates exercises every morning combined with stretching of the muscles and walking for at least half an hour every day is the best thing for my lower back ache, instead of taking opioids and other painkillers.
  3. Dermatology Department:  I learned to check for melanomas, and also to apply Factor 50 sunscreen to my face and other exposed areas of the body in the summertime.

So, what did you learn from your past or present job?  I’d be interested to find out!