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This is a new addition to my blog. Every Friday I will publish links here to informative blogs or re-blogs I’ve read on WordPress during the week which could help the Indie author.  Sometimes though, there may be a link to a post which might not be anything to do with writing, but which I’ve found entertaining or interesting.  I hope you will find them all useful.

1.  A link to the second part of D. Wallace Peach’s good advice for writers on Indie versus small publishers, re-blogged on Haddon Musings’ blog:


2.  Carrie Elks’ blog on mindfulness in treating stress, which can be seen on Sarah Michelle Lynch’s ‘They Say I’m Doing Well’ blog tour, which is to raise money for MIND.  You can also donate if you wish https://www.justgiving.com/Sarah-Lynch16

“They Say I’m Doing Well” Blog Tour – Stop #8 – Carrie Elks

3.  Here’s some good advice from Caroline Peckham as to why you should never give up writing:

10 Reasons To Never Give Up Writing

4.  Check out Chris, the Story Reading Ape’s very informative blog for this one about book promotion:

How & Where to Promote Your Book(s) Infographic…

5.  I found this one interesting from Claude Forthomme-Nougat and Don Massenzio, but realise that the author in question, Meredith Wild, must have parted with large amounts of money beforehand to realise her dream.


6.  Thanks to Corey Carter and Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this one about self-publishing and promotion:


7.  Check this one out from Don Massenzio:


8.  Thanks to Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this blog regarding self-published books and libraries:

Library Journal’s SELF-e Program for Self-Published eBooks…