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1.  Thanks to Jerry Jenkins and re-blog from Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this one on how to become an author:

How to Become an Author: Your Complete Guide…

2.  Here’s info from Kawanee’s Korner, re-blogged by Chris, the Story Reading Ape:


3.  This is a really useful one too, from Gwendolyn Kiste


4.  Thanks to Sacha Black and re-blogged by Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie on this one about how to grow your audience:

Grow Your Audience – 8 Tricks Efficient Writers Use On Twitter

5.  This one is informative from Self Publishing Review and re-blogged by Don Massenzio on how not to ask for a free review:


6.  Here’s an editing checklist from Chris, the Story Reading Ape, re-blogged by Nikki McDonagh:

An Editing Checklist Visual…

7.  Thanks to Cassidy Salem for this one on creating promo graphics:


8.  27 free writing contests to enter.  Thanks to Silver Threading and re-blog from Chris the Story Reading Ape for this one.

27 Free Writing Contests: Legitimate Competitions With Cash Prizes

9.  Thanks to Jane Friedman and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this one on optimising your Amazon book description:


10.  Interesting article on using beta readers by Don Massenzio.


11.  This is so true, as I was to find out.  Thanks to Don Massenzio again for this:


12.  Thanks to Amanda Patterson and re-blog by Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this on on how to write a synopsis and a query letter:

How to write a One-Page Synopsis & Write a Query Letter Infographics…


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Monday 22nd February:

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