Back in 2007 after two major operations for thyroid cancer, a work colleague recommended that I see a well-known healer, who lived about 20 miles away from us. I decided I had nothing to lose except the £80 fee.  I read quite well the ‘It’s-all-bollocks-but-it’s -your-money’ look on Sam’s face, but thought it was time for me to make tentative steps into the unknown world of spiritual healing to augment my surgery.

I visited him at his somewhat palatial home.  He had been so inundated with patients that he only now saw people suffering from cancer.  The actual healing sessions, of which there were two, consisted of him playing a soothing CD for 20 minutes as he laid his hands on the back of my neck.  All I felt at the time was the warmth of his hands, but nothing else really.  At the end of the second session he told me that I didn’t need to come back again as there was nothing wrong with me.


Buoyed by this information I put to the back of my mind the fact that I had thyroid cancer for 7 long years, only briefly being reminded every time I went for a check-up.  Sam all the while was still not convinced of the power of healing, and put my remission down to having a good surgeon.

In October 2014 I had a relapse, and needed more major surgery on my neck in December 2014.  After December I had three more healing sessions, and on my last scan in January 2016 no cancer cells could be seen.

The question is…..was it the surgery, my positive mind-set, or the healing which had kept me cancer-free for 7 years?  I’d like to think it was a mixture of all three, but Sam will still go for the surgery every time.  I still keep positive today and my next session of healing is in April, when Sam of his own volition will drive me 250 miles to where the healer lives now.  We shall visit friends on the way, and generally make a pleasant weekend of it.  However, for some reason Sam won’t put his foot in the door of the clinic, and when I come out after the session he’s always sitting across the road on a bench and looking hopefully in my direction like a lost puppy!