Clive’s ‘Summer of 69’ blog last week gave me inspiration for this week’s offering.  I thought I’d list some songs which always take me back to a certain time in my life.  I’ve only got to hear these, and suddenly I’m in another time and place.  They’re not necessarily my favourites, but they all have a special meaning for me.

1.  Rag Doll by The Four Seasons. 

I’m 7 years old without a care in the world, and I can’t stop singing this song which has just been released.  Eventually my mother buys it for me, and my record collection begins.

2.   Any Dream Will Do, by Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice.

I’m 11 and shivers go up my spine as I discover the delights of singing in harmony for a school concert.

3.  Double Barrel, by Dave and Ansel Collins.

I’m 13 and love reggae music.  My friend and I spend every Saturday morning standing at a second hand record stall in Chrisp Street market listening to this and other reggae hits.

4.  Hotel California, by The Eagles.

I’m 17, at a party, and a guy who was the same height as me and had the exact type of thick, curly hair as I did asked me to dance.   I can’t remember his name now unfortunately, but was quite surprised when he kissed me just as the guitar solo started.  I recall how soft and springy his busby-type hairdo felt as it collided with mine seconds before our lips met……

5.  Nutbush City Limits by Ike & Tina Turner.

I’m 18 / 19 and living it up at the Marlowe Rooms Disco every Sunday evening with a group of girlfriends.  We partied like wild things to this one, and one evening I fell off my platform heels, grabbed on to a girl friend to steady myself, but we both fell to the ground like dominoes.

6.  The Air that I breathe, by The Hollies.

Unrequited love…sigh.  He moved to Devon. ‘Nuff said.

7.  Breakfast in America, by Supertramp.

I’m 21, and have just met my husband-to-be, who was a fan of Supertramp.  I had never heard of them, but by the time we became engaged three months’ later I knew every song they had ever sung!

8.  Where did you sleep last night?  by Nirvana.

My eldest son played this record over and over again when it came out and could even do a passable impression of Kurt Cobain’s anguished cries at the ‘My girl, my girl’ middle bit.  I can never hear it without smiling, although the song itself is quite depressing.

9.  Freebird, by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

My youngest son played lead guitar in various bands for years.  When he was a teenager he was in a band with a drummer who couldn’t keep time and kept playing faster and faster.  Every time I hear this song I laugh at my son’s efforts to keep up with a drummer playing at warp speed.

10When I see you smile, by Bad English.

Waiting with many other wedding guests at my eldest son’s wedding for my daughter-in -law to arrive.  She was about 20 minutes late, and this song kept coming around on the loop and I was growing rather worried.  However, all went well, and when I hear this song I always think of that day back in 2004.

11.  Find Yourself, by Brad Paisley

This was the first dance at my youngest son’s wedding in 2010.  They are still as much in love as ever.  Every time I hear it I want to cry.