I love this time of year when winter begins a retreat and spring gets underway, although in our garden spring started back in  December as far as I was concerned, when our daffodil bulbs began sprouting.  By January they were in full bloom.  I think it must have been the warmest winter ever in our part of the world.

I know just how Wordsworth felt when he saw his ‘host of golden daffodils’.  I feel the same way. They’re my favourite flower, and funnily enough, his ‘Daffodils’ is also my favourite of all the classic poems.

Years ago Sam broke up the frozen earth with a pickaxe and planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs because he was in the doghouse at the time  (UK slang for having done something wrong), and he knew they were my favourite flower.  Now his misdemeanour is forgotten, but we reap the rewards of it every year!

I thought I’d share some photos of our local park with you, which is ablaze with daffodils at the moment.  We are always sure to make a pilgrimage there every March to take pictures and generally soak in the beauty of the place.  I can’t help being an aesthete, so feast your eyes on some yellowness to brighten up your Wednesday…..


And then my heart with pleasure fills…..

1 (24).JPGHere’s my seat in the park.  Leave me here with a book and the daffodils…..


Stevie being arty with the manual focus….


You have to visit the park just at the right time to catch the beauty of it all.