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1.    Ha ha, I just had to include this one from Authors Publish on how you know if you’re a writer or not.  I’ve been doing all these since I was about 9! 


2.  How to make easy finishing touches to blog posts from The Blonde Writer (re-blogged by Don Massenzio):


 3.  11 Facebook tips by Ash Read (re-blogged by Chris, the Story Reading Ape).


4.  This one is interesting from C.S Lakin (re-blogged by Chris, the Story Reading Ape) regarding what authors can learn from late-blooming writers:


5Thanks to Carla King for this info on how to optimise your Amazon author page (re-blogged by Chris, the Story Reading Ape).


6.  Thanks to Silver Threading (re-blogged by Don Massenzio) for this list of 20 writing platforms that pay writers:

20 Writing Platforms that Pay Writers

7.  Author/translator Olga has a 50% discount on her translation services at the moment (re-blogged by Chris, the Story Reading Ape and Smorgasbord):


 8.  Here’s the latest from Carly Watters on the ‘Things I wish I knew’ series of blogs (re-blogged by Don Massenzio):

Things I Wish I Knew: Q&A with Book Sales Rep Vanessa Di Gregorio

9.  Check out The Community Pool for feedback on your blog (re-blogged by Don Massenzio):


10.  Interesting info regarding Kindle e-book giveaways on Amazon.com,  blogged by Chris McMullen and Kim Cox:


11.  11 Author website must-have elements, blogged by Chris, the Story Reading Ape:

11 Author Website Must Have Elements | Your Writer Platform

12.  March/April writing contests, blogged by Rachel Poli and re-blogged by Chris, the Story Reading Ape.

March/April 2016 Writing Contests